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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Whether you're seeking relief from pain or stress, rehabilitation from injury or you just want to relax and be pampered, then you've come to the right place.

I can help you to eliminate Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Headaches, Carpal Tunnel, and Frozen Shoulder to name a few.

Schedule now and feel the benefits of a healing massage!

Swedish Massage:  30 minutes of specific bodywork:  $35.00, 60 minutes:  $60.00, 75 minutes: $70.00,  90 minutes:   $80.00  A hands-on full body massage of light to medium pressure.  Relieves muscle tension, stimulates circulation, improves muscle tone and promotes total mind and body relaxation.  

Specific Body Work:  Integrated Deep Tissue Massage with Myofascial Release Techniques:   30 minutes:  $35.00, 60 minutes:  $60.00,  75 minutes:  $70.00,  90 minutes:   $80.00.  A firm pressure, deep tissue therapeutic massage helps to alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, inflammation and tissue damage.

Trigger Point Therapy:  This style can also be integrated with other techniques if needed:      30 minutes: $35.00, 60 minutes:  $60.00,   75 minutes:  $70.00,  90 minutes:  $80.00 Trigger point release technique integrated with longs strokes to increase circulation and promote healing.

Pre-Natal Massage:   From the second and third trimester   30 minutes:  $35.00,  60 minutes:  $60.00.  A gentle massage geared to relieve muscle cramps, spasms, and pain often encountered in the lower back, hips, legs and neck during pregnancy. Side to side positioning with body pillows for extra comfort.

Fibromyalgia Massage:  30 minutes:Choice of Upper or Lower Body $35.00,  60 minutes:  $60.00.  A gentle massage for relaxation to ease widespread pain, increase energy, improve quality of sleep, reduce tender points, decrease anxiety and depression as well as to relieve many other symptoms.  Lymphatic Drainage or Deep Tissue work may be integrated within this massage only when it is appropriate.

Stamp cards:   Fill card with 6 stamps and on 7th visit you receive $10 off!  Stamps not given for discounted purchases.  One filled stamp card per visit.


Medical Massage for Workers Compensation and No-Fault Insurance Claims accepted.     Physicians  prescription required.



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