HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Wishing everyone a very safe, joyous, loving, prosperous and blessed 2015!

All seniors 62 years and older get a $10.00 discount   

Receive a FREE 1/2 hr massage!  Call for more details.

Referral Bonus Program: For every referral, receive a $5.00 discount. 

Workers' Comp and No-Fault Insurance claims accepted.



Aloha and Welcome!

My Name is Debbie Koki and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999 as well as a Physical Therapist Assistant since 1991.  Having the backgound in the medical field of Physical Therapy and having the understanding and knowledge of the human body and soft tissues, allows me to enhance my Massage Therapy practice to help people recover quickly from injury, promote healing, increase circulation for improved oxygen level, decrease stress, educate and instruct on a proper stretching and strengthening exercise program and overall, to enhance one's well being. 

I believe that the body can naturally heal itself when we eliminate toxins from the body.  Massage and professional bodywork can successfully hlelp to achieve the process of elimination to return the body back to balance and good health! 

Come in and experience the benefits of a healing touch massage and allow me to help you eliminate pain, improve your functional mobility, increase your energy level, Improve mental clarity, and increase relaxation throughout your body.

Mission Statement:  To serve my community and help all people get empowered to release pain, recover quickly and lead normal and pain-free lives through positive attitude and integrity which is the key to healing and recovery.

Looking forward to working with you!



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